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Hold On Loosely
Karl asks, "But what about all those holes?" Well I dug out these 2 yard sale finds, an old portable drill press and a Dremel tool. Unfortunately, Dremel fits all the through the drill press mounting hole. Hmmm, what to do? I need to figure out a way to strap that Dremel on there, securely and vertically.
Then this girl walks into the Brightleaf lab and throws something on the floor.
Why its a custom bracket to mount the Dremel to the drill press.
"Thanks Miss Sketchup." I exported the design as an STL file
then sent it to our 3D printer.
20 minutes later, we got ourselves a bracket and by-golly its damn near perfect.
Jim picked up the 20 Piece Solid Carbide Micro Bit Grab Bag yesterday. I looked
through the CAM drill file and opted for the 0.040 bit.
I couldn't see my first hole, too dark. Looked around my lab, didn't look
far, my microscope LED light ring clamped right on the Dremel head.
Its soo bright, I gotta wear shades (well not really).
And you can peek through the entire fixture and see your work area. How cool is that?
I quickly learned to hold on loosely during the drill bit approach, the raised copper pad surrounding the hole was just enough for the board to auto-register beneath the drill bit. Once the board stopped sliding, I held down the board and pulled the lever. At 20,000 RPM, that 0.040 bit went through the FR4 like butter.
There's a few misses, but no show stoppers.
Next step, surface mount soldering.
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Photography © 2012 Craig Hollabaugh
Craig's Picture of the Day © 2012 Craig Hollabaugh
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